Smiling since 1999
6th April – 6th May 2012


Tonyʼs Gallery is delighted to present “Smiling Since 1999″ – the first UK solo exhibition by the legendary Spanish street artist PEZ.

PEZ first started painting his iconic ʻsmiling fishʼ logo in the streets of Barcelona in 1999 and has since established a worldwide reputation with exhibitions in Europe, America and Asia. Now PEZ is bringing his happy and fun style to London for his exhibition at Tony’s which will celebrate his work and bring some colour and cheer to the streets of the capital.

PEZ currently lives and works in Bogota (Colombia) and will draw inspiration from his country of residence to develop his solo show at Tony’s by creating a Colombian beach bar installation within the gallery space.

The exhibition will feature an in-situ mural presenting PEZ’s recognisable fish jumping in from the street walls outside onto the canvases within the gallery, alongside a direct intervention onto the gallery walls and a selection of new works including canvases and limited edition screen prints.

Visitors to the gallery will be able to experience positive vibes from PEZ’s smiling fish artworks and enjoy the chilled out atmosphere of the PEZ BAR.

Look out for PEZ’s fish as they will be popping up in all kinds of unlikely places around Shoreditch over the next month.


Zosen & Pez. Sant Adria del Besos (Barcelona). 2011




Pez+Tom14 Bogota 2011


“Lift Plow Blade”. New York



PEZ Price List – PDF