A big thank you to Mark from Hooked Blog for all the support over the past few weeks. During the course of the 12 days while PEZ was in London, Hooked Blog took some amazing photos, video and documentary footage of PEZ painting and collaborating with some of the London’s finest.

While PEZ was visiting London to set up his first solo show at Tony’s Gallery he was invited to paint with Malarky, Sweet Toof and Dibo. Mark from Hooked Blog has there every step of the way documenting PEZ’s every move and keeping the Hooked Blog followers updated with posts and tweets. Mark showed support from the early beginning piece on Vyner Street to the final piece on Brick Lane that took 4 hours in the rain. A big thank you to Mark and Hooked Blog.

Here are some of the best bits…

see these and many more on hooked blog