15 June – 15 July 2012
Opening: Thursday 14 June, 6-9pm + Velodrawing performance at 7.30pm
Curated by Anna Dorofeeva

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"Velodrawings", MDF-Plates, white emulsion paint and rubber, May 2012, 244cm x 122cm

Tony’s Gallery is delighted to present ‘Velodrawings’, an exhibition of new works by Christian Grillitsch, an Austrian artist based in Berlin. Christian’s unique genre of drawing involves his expert manipulation of the brakes of a bicycle to create skid marks on white-primed wooden boards. For his first solo exhibition in the UK, Christian has created an installation of large wooden boards presented alongside a series of “insider” videos revealing the image-making process of his work. As a special one-night event, Christian will be performing live on the evening of the preview.

Christian stumbled upon his singular style of ‘velodrawing’ by serendipitous accident when, whilst out cycling, he swerved to avoid a pedestrian, braking harshly. On spotting the tire mark under the wheel, he states ‘I immediately knew that this was it, I found my artistic language’. The artist then became obsessed with experimenting, pushing the limits of both himself and his bicycle, and drawing with the tire rubber all over the city, eventually progressing onto white-primed wooden boards. Although the process is an integral part of Christian’s artwork, and requires intense skill and sharp technique, the drawings themselves become almost instinctive and arbitrary as the mark-making is created in a ‘sliding moment’.
The final result, with the depths of texture and the detailed precision of the marks, opens a space where the gestural process is at once controlled and accidental, dynamic and quietly organic – and where the artist relinquishes some of his control to embrace the almost cognitive input of his collaborator, the bicycle.

Christian studied at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna in 2003 under Erwin Wurm. He has exhibited in Austria, Germany, Bulgaria and Italy. Previous art projects include: ‘Re-cycling’ – mapping where parts of old bicycles could be found around the city (Berlin) so that these could potentially be reused by the cycling community and ‘Street Sleepers’ – painting monochromatic line-based sleeping figures on abandoned mattresses discarded in the streets of Berlin.

The preview will be opened by a Velodrawing performance by Grillitsch at 7.30 pm in the car park opposite the gallery.
‘Velodrawings’ provides an unique opportunity to view Christian Grillitsch’s paintings and sculptures.
For further information about Grillitsch’s work, please visit our website or email info@tonysgallery.com.