Bortusk Leer

Loud, psychedelic, childlike are three words associated with his work; however look a little closer and there is much more to street artist, Bortusk Leer than meets the eye. Describing his work as art – comedy, Bortusk came onto the scene in 2007 and his wacky colourful monsters have been a staple of the London street art scene ever since. Using marker pens and spray paints on canvases of newspaper the London based artist has a distinct and unique style, mostly painting garish neon monsters. The underlying theme of his work however is slightly more serious, as he attempts to challenge the idea of traditional mass media and mass produced objects.
He has adorned walls as far afield as Auckland and Jodhpur and has had several group shows in London including Mutate Britain at Cordy House. He even had his characters made into a series of two minute animations entitled ‘Street Monsters’ which was commissioned by the BBC.


I went along to the opening of ‘Bortusk Took A Trip’ at Tony’s Gallery – Bortusk’s first solo show. To say it was a feast for the senses is an understatement and impressive doesn’t even come close. The space has been used exceptionally well and typically the first thing to hit you is colour – lots of colour, right up to the trademark paint splattered top hat carried off by the artist himself. But look around and you soon realise the depth and skill of the work on display. The paintings and sculptures are clearly not only the works of an artist who is on top of his game, but who is also having a lot of fun doing it. And that’s what this show is about in abundance, good old fashioned fun. As Tony’s put it, the show is ‘An exhilarating mixture between a funfair, cartoon and rave party feel, the show’s only intention is to put a smile on your face and brighten up your day!’ And I highly recommend you go and see for yourself.


Bortusk Took A Trip, Tony’s Gallery, Sclater St. E1,

This text was written by: Gary from Alternative London

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