28thOctober – 6thNovember
Opening Thursday 27th October, 6-9pm


Tony’s Gallery hands the rains over to 55FACTORY http://www.55factory.net/ for a 2 week POP UP exhibition to celebrate the launch of their new Art and Fashion magazine. For this occasion, we are proud to present 55GALLERY, a group show of new works and site-specific installations by artists who are featured in and who have worked on the new 55MAGAZINE. The exhibition will also feature an exclusive presentation of alternative and experimental artist interviews by 55TV’s own presenter Christopher Sims.


The show features a Video interview with SICKBOY





SICKBOY is a world renowned London based street artist who paints both in and outside the gallery. His symbolic visual language can be seen on walls and wheelie bins worldwide. SICKBOYS temples, slogans and street stunts – including the caged heart installation dropped outside the Tate Modern in 2008 – have landed him global recognition. SICKBOY emerged from Bristol’s infamous graffiti scene and is one of the first UK artists to use a logo in place of a tag. He has built up one of the largest bodies of street art works in UK history and is one of the leading artists in the street art movement. SICKBOY will present a mix of exclusive street and studio pieces specifically for 55EXHIBITION.

OLEK is a Polish-born American-residing crochet street and contemporary artist. Her gallery and street work include sculpture, installation, bicycles, cars, people and public monuments (including “Charging Bull”). Her gallery installations include replicating her entire apartment covered in crochet, and its occupants. While her projects may seem like stunts created merely for shock value, they’re anything but. Each piece is conceived with the hope of making people see their everyday world in a bright new way. “I’m taking something very common that everybody is used to and transforming it,” OLEK thrives on turning the seemingly mundane into something worth noticing. http://agataolek.com/home.html

For the 55 gallery show opening OLEK will make a performance by crocheting a person.


Hattie Stewart has a wild imagination filled with crazy monsters and mesmerizing psychedelica. She produces rich and detailed illustrations and artworks for private commissions and gallery exhibitions. For the 55GALLERY exhibition Hattie presents four re-worked 55MAGAZINE covers. She has been commissioned by Luella, Illustrated People, Marc by Marc Jacobs, and Katie Hillier to name a few. Hattie is constantly multitasking on many projects at any onetime and is currently working on a series of re-worked doodle, drawn and scrawled over magazine covers from; POP. LOVE. S. i:D. DAZED AND CONFUSED + LULA. She took part in the exhibiton “Small Gift” at Art Basel Miami 2010 curated by Roger Gastman and Zio Fulcher, with artists including POSE, Anthony Lister, Shepard Fairey and David McDowell. http://www.hattiestewart.blogspot.com/

Christopher Sims is best known for his “high fashion” and music photography and has had work published in fashion and music brands across the world including ELLE, GRAZIA, YOU MAGAZINE, OBSERVER, BBC, CHANEL 4 and SONY to name a few… Christopher has also consulted as an Art and Fashion Director for several magazines and publictions and had a successful career starring in, writing and directing plays. In 2011 Christopher launched a cooperative project titled 55FACTORY based on the Andy Warhol project in NY. The 55FACTORY studio in Camden, London started as an experimental web-based television station interviewing talent from the film, fashion and artistic industries. It soon branched outside of the studio and is now travelling the world following the fashion, film and art industries from Cannes film festival to L.A and from Paris Fashion Week to Art Basel Miami. The 55 brand now boasts an ouput of T.V., magazine, fashion and music photography, parties and exhibitions. This is just the start for the 55 project and there are no limits to Christopher Sims and 55FACTORY.




At Central St Martins, Bert’s work focused on the effects of trauma and explored creating a space for the expression of pain. It led to the creation of a subversive commercial art collection,’Bert Industries’, a circus of horror and art. The work takes the form of limited edition collections of hand crafted articles or prints, taking its inspiration from anatomy, hospitals, deformity, rituals, curiosity shops, the beauty of horror and a childlike reinterpretation of pain and trauma… all revealing and reveling in a dark sense of humour.
BERT INDUSTRIES is a partnership between Bert, a 1st class scholar of Central Saint Martins and Paul Andrews, Creative Coordinator for the likes of Selfridges. Born in 2003 as a lifestyle brand the duo soon built a cult following, with fans including Dinos Chapman, Bob Geldof, David Thewlis and Anna Friel. Over the years they have presented their commercial Art concepts via a series of exhibitions, showcasing hand printed wallpaper-[‘Noosetime’], Skull jewellery, cashmere comforters and customized Vans shoes for a celebrity charity auction. Described by Dazed and Confused as “the surreal mirth of Monty Python with the macabre of Marliyn Manson” BERT INDUSTRIES continue to quietly work on their bizarrely beautiful incarnations of evil.

Like his favourite arcade games, Burger Kim comes at you from every direction. His style is unexpected, but he carries it well. Crazy as a Mickey Mouse jumper and goofy as, well, Goofy. Burger Kim is a fashion icon and walking fashion shoot and quite rightly so he made it into the 55MAGAZINE front cover. Burger Kim studied fashion at Central Saint Martins and for the 55GALLERY Burger has fashioned three very mad designed hats. Don’t miss his awkward video interview. http://casting.benetton.com/profile/2397-burger-kim



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